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Not only is it easier to boldly go where others have gone before (apologies to Gene Roddenberry), those ahead provide valuable lessons and experience to the rest of us. And man, do they love to encourage others to take the leap. Every week we’ll share the experience of a family on sabbatical, back from a sabbatical, or even in the midst of planning their sabbatical. So sit a spell, catch some wisdom, and find your own inspiration from these seasoned veterans.

Have you had a family sabbatical experience, or are you planning one? Help us inspire other families by sharing your story. Click here to answer some questions and get a little reflective.


Families Afoot: The Falks

RFS January 23, 2013

We hope you teachers out there are taking note that your profession is perhaps the best represented among intentional travel families. Is it because of the multitude of job opportunities for English-speaking teachers? or that teachers tend to be driven more by passion than most? or that teachers value learning through experience? Oh, but I… Continue Reading »


Families Afoot – Michael, Pilar, and Xylia

RFS November 2, 2012

  We confess. Radical Family Sabbatical is really just a shell game, a diversion, a misdirection…all to get you to think differently about what you can be and how you can live your life differently. With Families Afoot we hope to capture every kind of family having every kind of sabbatical experience possible, so any… Continue Reading »

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