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The End of the Year Is Nigh! Resolve to Plan Your Family Sabbatical

Matt Scherr December 30, 2012

Time Well Spent? Yep, it’s that time of year again. But this year why not let the 20-somethings blow their paychecks to get into a bar to watch a recording of a ball drop in New York? You’ve got some planning to do! Matt Scherr   Get busy living or get busy dying. – Stephen… Continue Reading »


Bending Spoons: There Are No Obstacles to Your Family Sabbatical

Susan Pohlman December 10, 2012

Bending Spoons Remember that part in The Matrix when Neo talks to the bald, little monk boy who’s bending spoons with his mind? He tells Neo that the secret is not to try to bend the spoon, but to realize that…there is no spoon. Riiiight, little monk boy. But in hearing accounts of family sabbaticals,… Continue Reading »


Your Latte or Your Life: Making Money Work for Your Family Sabbatical

Matt Scherr November 26, 2012

We’ve been addressing in greater detail the major fears or objections that keep people from taking a family sabbatical. In one form or another, money works its way into the top of that list. But our excuses typically just represent our surrender to our pursuit of money for its own sake. Planning a family sabbatical… Continue Reading »


Make It So: How to Take a Family Sabbatical If You Own a Business

Matt Scherr November 5, 2012

Small business owners have the same problem employees have: They forget their purpose in life is not actually to work. Usually that’s because most of us don’t ever think about a purpose, but that’s an article for another day. Even if you have some purpose for your life, you can’t very well pursue it unless… Continue Reading »


A Drone’s Life: Escape a Job for Your Family Sabbatical

Matt Scherr October 30, 2012

Making Work Work for You We’ve talked before about the most common fears that sabotage most sabbaticals, often before a family even seriously considers the possibility. You may have noticed that, as with many things in life, half were at least indirectly related to work and money. But for more reasons than just a sabbatical,… Continue Reading »


Listen to the Mustn’ts: The Biggest Fears in the Way of Your Sabbatical

Matt Scherr October 21, 2012

Fear & Fiery Arrows of Pure Reason There were a number of times when either my wife, Diana, or I would have private little freakouts as we were planning our family sabbatical. We tended to keep these moments from each other, never wanting to be seen as “the one that folded.” When we do this… Continue Reading »

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