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There is a tsunami of blogs, products, books, and other resources out there, some of which will be useful to you. We try to separate the wheat from the chaff and collect those resources most relevant to you, dear reader. If you do buy any of these, we’d be grateful if you do it from our site. We review everything we suggest here and never promote something we don’t feel is good for our readers. And of course, not everything is for everybody. Make sure something is right for you before buying. (If you’re not sure, ask us.)

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Getting Started

VagabondingVagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel — Rolf Potts
Even the staunchest pragmatist will appreciate Potts brushing the practical canvas with the romantic brush that is travel. If you weren’t already sold on the idea of travel for its own sake (rather than, say, an escape from “real life”), Potts will have you yearning for the road and the great adventure life always should be.

family sabbatical handbookThe Family Sabbatical Handbook — Elisa Bernick
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And from romance…to children. Not that the two are mutually exclusive (are they?), but we’re into a whole different world of logistics, responsibility, and psychoses psychology. Bernick’s book is four parts how-to and logistics to the one part romance, which is great, because if you’re reading then you’re past motivation and into execution.

The Art of Nonconformity — Chris Guillebeau
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So you’d love to take a family sabbatical, but it makes you feel irresponsible, crazy, and not a little scared. Let Guillebeau talk you out of your cuckoo tree and even make you understand your responsibility to your world, your family, and yourself in living outside the box.

escape 101Escape 101: The Four Secrets to Taking a Sabbatical or Career Break Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind — Dan Clements & Tara Gignac
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Though the title suggests your desire to escape the rat race, rather than discover something remarkable through travel and time with your family, Clements and Gignac actually address a number of motives for long-term travel or permanent life-change. There’s also practical planning advice as well as simple deconstruction of the most typical objections to the escape (not enough money, won’t work with my job, kids’ education…). And they do all this while still leaving you with a passion for the possibility that lays before you.

Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home — Susan Pohlman
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There are a number of how-to books for your sabbatical out there. But sometimes what you really need is a story to remind you what this is really all about — why you’re really doing this. Though Pohlman’s story of her family’s time on the Italian coast makes no secret of the challenges and difficulties they faced, the romance and beauty Halfway will leave you feeling like you’ve just soaked in a warm sabbatical bubble bath with an empty champagne glass dangling lazily from your hand. We just hope it doesn’t make you rethink your volunteer trip to that remote village in the steamy Amazon Jungle


Travel Insurance Roundup
Boots ‘n’ All is a great all-around site for travel, but this table comparing travel insurance is useful for graphically representing what you want to consider in buying insurance. They do partner with one of the providers and recommend that over the others, but if there’s any bias, you can easily account for that.

The Expat Manual
Expat Info Desk offers city-specific guides designed for those relocating. If you’re considering one of the cities they publish for, you may want to buy one. We have not reviewed one of their for-sale city guides, but their Expat Manual is a terrific guide to international relocation in general and it’s free.

Money & Finance

Little has changed in the way of basic accounting and budgeting, and many people have done extended international travel. Let some experienced sabbaticalists give you a head start with their own budgets. Gillian at One Giant Step shares not just her spreadsheets but other useful advice on budgeting. Before publishing their Long-Term Traveler’s Guide, Jeremy and Angie lived the dream and can legitimately offer advice, including their own spending spreadsheet.

Work & Business

51FSaZaVA3L._SL500_AA240_The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich — Timothy Ferriss
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Maybe a four-hour work week is possible for a mutant like Ferris, but the rest of us could likely pull off a 10- or 20-hour week using his methods. Ferriss is no slacker with the time that is now his own, but the point is to get off the modern work treadmill and make that time your own. This is at least a step in helping your realize practical ways to make that happen.

The $100 Start UpThe $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future — Chris Guillebeau
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If you’ve read Guillebeau’s Art of Nonconformity, you’ll already appreciate his simple and conversational way of making an extraordinary life accessible to anyone willing to commit to it. This book is his answer to the business-side of your new, extraordinary life. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a business person, this book will make you excited to become an entrepreneur.

Road School (Education) & Kids

The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education — Maya Frost
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Frost makes a compelling case that the conventional American primary education treadmill costs a fortune, produces dubious results, and creates average students. And if that’s not compelling enough, part of her recommendation for you bold spirits is an international education experience.

Even if you do put your kids in local schools on your sabbatical, you may still want to supplement their education (particularly if it’s in another language) with some home schooling. Homeschool World is a fine place (among many) to start your education in education. A popular subset of homeschooling we found among a number of sabbatical families is “unschooling”. We’ll let the Family Unschoolers Network explain it and give you further resources.

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