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You know how it was when you first started thinking about your family sabbatical; you kept it to yourself ’cause you were a little worried you were crazy. Then you poked around a little and found another family that had done it. Then, maybe another…and another. When you found out you weren’t the first (or the craziest) to have done it, all the brakes came off and you started planning like Columbus for the New World.

Well, pay it back, Columbus. Help inspire those other families who think they don’t have enough money, or believe they can’t make it work with their jobs, or can’t imagine taking the kids out of school, or are worried of what everyone will think of them. Just fill out the form below and we’ll give you a place to inspire and motivate those families. (Or if you prefer, answer the questions below in an e-mail to OurFamilyStory@RadicalFamilySabbatical.com.)

The boxes are small, but your answers in most cases can be as long as you want. Go crazy, we’ll edit if we absolutely have to. Submitting your response authorizes us to publish your answers and provided images on www.RadicalFamilySabbatical.com and in our e-mail newsletter. Make ya famous, kid.

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Names and ages of family members, including you, when you launched your trip (if you're comfortable sharing them)

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What were you thinking (What inspired your sabbatical, or why did you do it)? *

Did you volunteer or contribute in some other way to your host community? Explain, if so.

Where is home?

What was different about your life upon return, or what do you expect/hope?

What was your education strategy for the kids? (home school, un-school, public, private, web-based, etc.)

How did you pay for your sabbatical (worked remotely, work sabbatical with partial salary, savings, etc.)?

How did you handle your professional life (quit jobs, mobile business, time off, etc.)?

What is/was/will be your average monthly sabbatical budget (if you're comfortable sharing)?

What resources did you use (websites, books, services…)?

What did you do about language? (already had a 2nd language, learned before leaving, learned while there, smiled and nodded a lot, etc.)

What's the best piece of advice you could offer a family considering a sabbatical?

If you had it to do over again, you'd…?

Will you have it to do over again? (Will you take another sabbatical?)

Do you have a favorite quote that encapsulates your experience, vision, or outlook, relative to your sabbatical?

What else do you want to share?

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