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Matt Scherr

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Comments (2)

  1. Hi Matt,

    I appreciate your short video of information and encouragement. We won’t need much cajoling – as we are planning to visit Ecuador next summer on a fact-finding mission – have some things to do before then. I was linked to you through Gringosabroad.com. Read about another family from CO. We live in WI. My hubby and I are planning the next phase of our lives…retirement for me….in 4 yrs but we want to get our ducks in a row in the meantime. I/we have lots of skills…technology, kitchen design, teaching certifications and free lance writing. I also speak conversational Spanish – a plus. I will be using it much more across the next 4 yrs…meet with a social group to speak only Spanish. Anyway…I look forward to chatting with you further and picking your brain about taking a very long sabbatical. Hasta luega…

    Jo Anna

    • That’s exciting, Jo Anna. You’ll be joining a thriving community of North American retirees and other expats in Ecuador. And given your skills, you may find great opportunity to contribute to whatever community you choose there (or somewhere else in South America). In Ecuador you’ll find that Cuenca, Quito, Loja/Vilcabamba, and Bahia de Caraquez all have established expat communities to provide support and a little homesick medicine. Have fun in your planning and let us know if you have questions about your upcoming trip or sabbatical.



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