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We created Radical Family Sabbatical because we really could have used it. We always told ourselves that someday we would take our kids on an extended trip to give them a broader perspective on their world, to give us more time together as a family, to escape (at least for a time) the rat race.

That we did pull it off was no small miracle, not just because of who we are (disorganized procrastinators), but because there is a sea of information our there that we seemed to be emptying a teaspoonful at a time. We figured there just weren’t that many people doing this and so there were few stories or experience to draw from, and that it wasn’t worth anyone compiling the existing information for such a small market.

Our experience as brave, trailblazing pioneers was…short lived. Once we finally managed to take our sabbatical, we met shocking numbers of people who had already done this, and several times in some cases. And we know from comments from friends, family, and acquaintances, that many, many more times that number dream of taking a family sabbatical but haven’t done it.

Radical Family Sabbatical provides resources to those of you who have already made the decision to take a family sabbatical or other extended family travel. And for those of you still dreaming, we’ll help you overcome your fears and doubts and get you out into the world!

We know that if we could make our family sabbatical happen, then the only thing stopping you is…you. Join the Radical Family Sabbatical community today to let us convince you that:

  • You do have enough money to make this happen (or you can have)
  • You can make it work with your job/work/business.
  • Your children can get a better education than they get now.
  • The only thing standing between you and your sabbatical is the decision to do it!

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  1. Matt and DI!!!

    First, this is the coolest idea ever!!! You’re an inspiration! Thank You for living life and reminding me to face my fears… Love and miss you both!


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